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September 7, 2013


2009 Saturday Detour

About one and a quarter miles of N. 41st W. Ave. is under construction, along with the new road being built out to the Botanical Garden. That will be a great thing for the community in that area but it plays havoc with Tulsa Tough’s Saturday Ride finish.

41st W. Ave. was always kind of rough but the worst patch was only about a half mile, and it was the best way back into town, so we lived with it. The new road will make an awesome finish to an epic ride. But it won’t be ready for 2009.

So I got on my scooter this beautiful Sunday afternoon and scouted it out. I looked at several options but the choices are limited. We could finish the way we started but that’s taking the easy way out and besides, the Sunday rides finish along the Saturday start so we’d be riding the same roads three times. Other routes are just too rough or too contrived.

So, I think the best option is what’s shown in green on this map.

Let me know if you have suggestions.

2 comments to 2009 Saturday Detour

  • Jerry Weikel

    Jim, from a SAG perspective this alternate route looks like it will be just as easy to sag as the orignal route. It also looks like you don’t have to move any rest stops.

  • DamJamJim

    That’s right. The detour starts at the last rest stop and goes east on the cut-through road connecting back to the first rest stop. From there it follows the Saturday start route but continues east on 53rd St. N. to Osage Drive. It’s not better than the regular route but it’ll do for this year.

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