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September 7, 2013


What’s a SAG?

SAG stands for Support And Gear. It usually refers to one of the cars that follows riders with emergency first aid, tools, food, water, and ice. It can also mean the truck that carries your bicycle while you ride the bus or the vehicle that carries your luggage from campsite to campsite on multi-day tours.

At DAM J.A.M. the SAG drivers are constantly communicating the whereabouts of our riders. We drive up and down the routes looking for guests who need help and trying to keep track of where the leaders and the back-of-the-packers are. This way we pretty much know where everyone is throughout the day and we can let the rest stops know when the last rider is through and they can close.

SAG is not a substitute for lack of preparation or training. SAG drivers are not there to fix a flat tire or carry someone that is just a little tired. Consider them only as a “safety net”. But your safety is vitally important to us. We think about it a lot. We’ll never leave you to flounder on the side of the road.

At the same time we value self-sufficiency. There’s something about bicyclers that makes us want to be able to do for ourselves. For sure, you should know how to fix a flat. It’s also a confidence booster if you can perform minor road-side repairs. Always carry a spare tube and some appropriate tools. Even if you can’t use them, there is probably someone nearby that can.

We also think it’s healthy to push yourself a little. Pick a route that’s just a little harder than you’ve done before, then prepare for the distance you sign up to ride. As they say, take all you want but eat all you take.

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