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September 7, 2013


About Road Painter

Jim the Road PainterHello, my name is Jim and I’m a Road Painter.

I’ve been creating and organizing bicycle rides, races and triathlons since 1992. That was the year DAM J.A.M. began, and the year I began planning the routes and painting the roads to show people the way. After more than 20 years helping people navigate countless miles of beautiful countryside and create memorable experiences on their bicycles, the job has expanded and given me direction in other areas of my life.

Being a Road Painter was always about way-finding, participant support, hospitality and customer-oriented thinking. It’s always been about designing a great user experience. But the idea has evolved. As a Road Painter, I’ve learned about community service, civic involvement, leadership, team building, work ethics, love, and relationships. I’ve had opportunities to be with and learn from some very smart, capable and inspiring leaders. I’ve been sought out and asked to become engaged in my community. These skills and exposure have benefited my work life and enhanced my career.

By day I serve as a consultant to real estate developers by performing site feasibility evaluations, due diligence, and securing land use entitlements. I’m in on the front end of high investment, high risk ventures, helping clients navigate through physical and regulatory obstacles to reach their goals. That makes me a valuable part of teams who make visible and lasting changes to our built environment. Doing a good job matters.

Doing a good job on my events matters because it makes a difference in people’s health, fitness and social lives. Every event has a social and economic impact on the communities it touches. I’m proud to be part of that.

1992 was significant. A rebirth, if you will. Before then, my behavior threatened every aspect of my life. I drank too much, damaged relationships, and wandered aimlessly in my career. Finally, when low became lowest, I found out how to be sober and that changed everything. So, with that bit of context, it means something that now I can choose to get up every day and contribute.

After more than 20 years and a lot of experiences further along the path, “Road Painter” seems like an apt metaphor for leadership, planning, organizing, and some life lessons I’ve learned on my journey. In 1992, I never thought that organizing a little bike ride and inviting a few people would make such a big difference in my life. But it turns out that being a Road Painter is a pathway of learning, a creative outlet, and it gives me real job satisfaction. In fact, keeping this Road Painter metaphor in mind helps me live a better life and, when I pay attention, it shows me the way.

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