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September 7, 2013


DAM J.A.M. 18 is Water over the Dam

It was touch and go until Saturday morning. It rained all week leading up to the event and rain was forecast for the weekend. Then Friday it cleared and Saturday was fantastic!

We had about 600 riders to help us celebrate 18 years of bringing you one of the most beautiful rides anywhere. No question the hills are hard. But the scenic lakes and idyllic rural countryside in Mayes and Delaware Counties more than make up for the pain.

I don’t hear the kudos you give other event directors, so I can’t tell you if the raving reports you give us are the same things you say to everyone. But from the superlatives you offer on Facebook this year, I get the feeling that DAM J.A.M. is one of your favorites. It makes me proud to be part of an event that pleases so many people.

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