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September 7, 2013


Getting Organized

Our goal at Tulsa Tough is to grow the rides to a sustainable level. Sustainable means participant numbers we can sustain over the long haul by creating touring rides people want to come back to and recommend. It also means growing ride participation to numbers that give us a strong income base to sustain the whole event.

Whether or not we ever become the biggest, I want us to be the best.

Here are the ride rock stars who are making it happen:

Jim Beach – Rides Director, Routes and Ride Timing Coordinator

Beth Delametter – Volunteer Coordinator

Glen Mulready – Rest Stop Site Coordinator

Scott Cooksey – Rest Stop Site Coordinator

Paul Wood – Rest Stop Supplies Coordinator

Marvin Lee – Rest Stop Supplies Coordinator

Kristin Bunch – Ride Finish Venue Coordinator

Helen Pals – Food and Drink Coordinator

Jerry Weikel – SAG Coordinator

Jay Eimer – Route Communications Coordinator

September Brown – Medical Coordinator

Michael Schooling – Mechanical Coordinator

Tonja Pitzer – Registration Coordinator

Whitney Miller – TSC Ride Liaison – Tough Teams & Awards Fulfillment

Jessica White – Tough Teams Coordinator

Randy Branstetter – Awards Fulfillment Coordinator

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