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September 7, 2013


Good Times Riding

We use a chip timing system to keep track of rider locations and elapsed ride times on theĀ  touring rides at Tulsa Tough. You’ve used or seen similar systems in running and triathlon events.

The rider wears an ankle strap with a small electronic device and whenever they cross a remote sensor on the roadway, the system captures their chip number. Riders are assigned a chip at registration and their name is tied to the chip in a database. The remote sensors collect the data in a small computer at road side and periodically transmit it back to the system control located in Tulsa near the day’s ride finish.

That’s how we keep track of finish times for every rider and how we know which riders choose which route to follow during the ride. It’s very useful for managing the support systems throughout the weekend and it’s how we figure out the awards for the Tough Team competition.

Tulsa Tough uses Milliseconds Timing and they have been absolutely great to work with. Mac Read is the owner. Eric Ewing is his trusty side kick and a very funny guy. I’ve gotten to know both of them the past couple of years and look forward to working with them again in a couple months.

Mac just sent an email announcing the launch of his completely overhauled website on Monday March 23. So I figured now is a good time to say something about him here and give him a plug. See you guys in May!

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