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September 7, 2013


DAM J.A.M. 18 is Water over the Dam

It was touch and go until Saturday morning. It rained all week leading up to the event and rain was forecast for the weekend. Then Friday it cleared and Saturday was fantastic!

We had about 600 riders to help us celebrate 18 years of bringing you one of the most beautiful rides anywhere. No question [...]

Pack Mentality

We all have our versions of what Oklahoma law says about bicycling on public roads. We learn from friends, email groups and out on the road riding with others. Many of us just operate on our own “good judgment”, evaluating situations and acting according to our perception of what’s safe, laws be damned. I do [...]

Rules of the Road

The laws in Oklahoma governing bicycling on public roads aren’t perfectly clear. But we have laws and you should be informed.

Malcolm McCollam is a Tulsa attorney, Event Director of Tulsa Tough, and an avid cyclist for over 25 years. He has represented a large number of bicyclists in legal cases involving their use of [...]

Attracting Tourists

One of the big differences between non-competitive and competitive cycling events is in how you get the word out and attract participants. An event like Tulsa Tough has to bring in all kinds of riders from professional and club racers to fast, long-distance tour riders to average pedestrian riders of all sizes and abilities. The [...]

What’s a SAG?

SAG stands for Support And Gear. It usually refers to one of the cars that follows riders with emergency first aid, tools, food, water, and ice. It can also mean the truck that carries your bicycle while you ride the bus or the vehicle that carries your luggage from campsite to campsite on multi-day tours.


Good bicycle route marking

I put this on the DAM J.A.M. website about 2001. It’s still solid advice.

There’s really no excuse for poorly marked routes on bicycle events. All you really have to do is imagine what people are experiencing as they approach decision points on a bike ride and then do what it takes to remove the [...]

Our First Time

This is the story I posted on in 2000 or 2001 about how DAM J.A.M. got its start. I had no idea that simple day would lead where it has. All we meant to do was put on a bike ride people might enjoy. We never meant to do it again the next year. [...]