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September 7, 2013


Planning New Rides for 2011 at Saint Francis Tulsa Tough!

Happy New Year!!

You may have heard about some cool changes for the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Rides this year. I’m excited about where we’re headed.

Tulsa Tough is going Gran Fondo! That roughly means “Big Ride” in Italian. In France it’s called “Cyclosportive”. In Tulsa it’s called “The Rides”. Seriously, that’s what we’ve called [...]

Tulsa Tough Rides Can Always be Better

Thoughts on where we fell down in 2010 and what 2011 will bring to make it better – both up front and behind the scenes.


* Arvest Gate at OneOK Field for Saturday start backdrop * 7:30 start time both days * Registration packet pickup beginning Wed or Thurs the week before up till [...]

Make a little room for the bikes!

In this article, Toronto converts two automobile parking spaces on a public street to 16 bicycle spaces!

Small investment in bike racks and loss of revenue from two spaces adds one more layer of livability to a great city.

Good Times Riding

We use a chip timing system to keep track of rider locations and elapsed ride times on the touring rides at Tulsa Tough. You’ve used or seen similar systems in running and triathlon events.

The rider wears an ankle strap with a small electronic device and whenever they cross a remote sensor on the roadway, [...]

2009 Saturday Detour

About one and a quarter miles of N. 41st W. Ave. is under construction, along with the new road being built out to the Botanical Garden. That will be a great thing for the community in that area but it plays havoc with Tulsa Tough’s Saturday Ride finish.

41st W. Ave. was always kind of [...]