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September 7, 2013


Tulsa Tough Rides Can Always be Better

Thoughts on where we fell down in 2010 and what 2011 will bring to make it better – both up front and behind the scenes.


* Arvest Gate at OneOK Field for Saturday start backdrop
* 7:30 start time both days
* Registration packet pickup beginning Wed or Thurs the week before up till end of Friday night; no packet pickup morning of
* Pink plastic wrist bands or hospital bracelets or other verification
* 2-3 shops with full mechanics minimum at start both mornings
* Professional timing
* Add award for two centuries completed in any time
* Find a Saturday ride finish coordinator
* Enhanced and better integrated Saturday ride finish festival area – transition to fill gap from early ride finishers till races are well underway
* Find a finish line/timing/awards,cheering coordinator
* Keep 2010 finish line design: with barricades, banners and cheering people; enhance further
* Find 1-3 rest stop coordinators
* Ice delivery system – take ice to rest stops and plan fail-safe resupply
* 20×20 tents at key rest stops – esp. long afternoon durations on high population stops
* Medical at all rest stops after 10:00 a.m.
* Mechanical at all stops and rolling
* Three transporters with hams on board – or rethink transporter system
* Add on-route signage

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